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On January 31, 2014 Kovai Vasai Foundation was registered as a trust. From April 1 2015, Income tax department has recognised KVF as public charitable trust (U/S 12AA of Income Tax Act, 1961).

On October 18 2019, Income Tax department has allowed exemption of tax for donating to KVF (80(G) of Income Tax Act, 1961).

Our Vision

    • Aiding students who are economically constrained from pursing their education to restart their education.
    • Aiding people who were affected in natural disasters or other critical situations either directly or through corresponding organisations or other trusts
    • Aiding ailing patients in procuring medicines or medical treatment
    • Aiding elders who were ostracized by their family with the help of other trusts, organisations or government agencies.
    • We will help every citizen irrespective of caste and religion


Our contribution towards education, medical oriented and other social activities so far

So far

2014-2015: Education: Rs 75000/- | Medical: Rs 10000/-

2015-2016: Education: Rs 1,46250/-

2016-2017: Education: Rs 289180/- | Medical: Rs 18500/-

2017-2018: Education: Rs 3,21,000/-

2018-2019: Education: Rs 3,44060/- | Medical: Rs 11500/-

2019-2020: Education: Till November 2019: Rs 349869/-

Other Services:

1. Vardah Cyclone relief materials of Rs 34,000/- distributed

2. Gaja cyclone relief materials of Rs 41000/- distributed in Cuddalore district in 2018


Senior Citizen Orphanage:

Maintenance charges for support bar for stairs and bathroom repairs and maintenance of worth around Rs 67000/- in Rs Puram Old age care center administrated by Coimbatore corporation during July 2019


Donation to Nithya Annadhana trust around Rs 9750/- towards the purchase of rice bags

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